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Hosting and presenting well known professionals from Greece and abroad, WoC aims to inspire as well as to offer answers to the most important questions a professional crafter may have. The programme of the day is as follows:

  • Inspiration


    Crafters from Greece and elsewhere present us with their own story, eager to inspire and to prove that crafting is so much more than “making and selling”. “Crafting” can be writing books & tutorials, teaching in seminars, owning a workshop, collaborating with magazines, blogging, as well as discovering one’s own unique business path.

  • Technology


    Successful tech professionals discuss the way technology can give us a hand in establishing a wholesome electronic presence, build our own brand at the lowest possible cost and sell our work internationally.

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing

    A discussion with Greek marketeers on the subject of promoting our image along with our work via electronic marketing, social media and the new online tools.

  • Greek Reality

    Greek Reality

    A discussion with the experts (lawyer, accountant) as well as with crafters on the practical issues that Greek crafters have to face, like starting a formal business, accountancy and book-keeping, online marketing, copyright and creation, studies and certification etc.


You’ll find the list with the names, photos and C.Vs of the speakers participating in the first World of Crafters here.

  • Alison Damianou

    Alison DamianouCreative director & Events manager - The Meet Market

    My name is Alison Damianou, and I am a half-Greek / half- British hybrid who has been living in Athens for the past 7 years. With a passion for travel and a passion for community, I live my life seeking the similarities with the people around me, rather than our differences.

  • Alicia diRago

    Alicia diRagoFounder and CEO - Whimseybox

    Alicia DiRago is the founder and CEO of Whimseybox, a DIY/craft kit subscription and ecommerce business that helps people Stop Pinning + Start Making.

  • Liana Kabel

    Liana KabelJewellery Designer / Creative Business Coach

    With a Tupperware Lady mother and a Jeweller father, what else was I destined to be but a jeweller obsessed with plastic!

  • Popi Anastouli

    Popi AnastouliFashion Designer & DIY Specialist

    I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece.  I grew up in a crafting environment, since my family is in the leather crafting sector, and as a result I remember my self always to be in making process of various creations.

  • Grace Dobush

    Grace DobushFreelance Vagabond

    Grace is the author of the Crafty Superstar business guides, and she also co-founded Cincinnati's Crafty Supermarket, one of the largest indie craft shows in the U.S. Midwest.

  • Giannis Karalis

    Giannis KaralisDirector & Senior Software Engineer - Netsteps

    Giannis Karalis is nowadays Director of the Nesteps, a company involved in the development of computer and internet projects.

  • Eleanna Kotsikou

    Eleanna KotsikouCrafts & DIY Instructor

    Eleanna Kotsikou aka zdrop was born in Athens. She studied Architecture (AUS) and Urban Planning (Msc, TUDelft). She has lived in France, Italy, the Netherlands and G.Britain but she has never travelled beyond Europe.

  • Alexis Kamitsos

    Alexis KamitsosPhotographer

    He was born in Athens and raised in Larissa. He enjoyed a childhood in the country till the age of 8. He has been drawing and crafting ever since he was a young boy, he later took up pottery and all this eventually led to photography.

  • Azra Ahmed

    Azra AhmedDawanda Community Manager

    Azra is the English Community Manager for DaWanda.com, the online marketplace for handmade items and crafting supplies. She writes newsletters, creates trend collections, manages DaWanda's social media channels and more. What she loves most about her job is meeting so many interesting sellers and helping them find ways to grow their business. When she's not working you can find her at the nearest vintage market, or cooking something tasty in her kitchen.


You’ll find the list with the names, photos and CVs of those participating in the panel discussions of the first World of Crafters here.

  • Aigli Balamatsi

    Aigli BalamatsiManaging Director - Interweave Digital Brand-Builders

    She is currently the Managing Director of Interweave, an Integrated Agency that offers complete services like Digital Marketing and Branding with a clientele such as “Chorio”, Benecol, discovergreece.com etc.

  • Soto Mitroglou

    Soto MitroglouDigital Communication Freelancer - sotomi.gr

    The truth is the only thing I can manage to do well with my hands is … to type. Therefore, I can “manipulate” social media such as twitter and Facebook or Instagram and Pinterest. I can also “handle” emails and “create” with survey monkey, and thus I set up the whole project.

  • Giorgos Gkritzalas

    Giorgos GkritzalasHead of Digital BU

    Working in the online marketing and social media since 2007, he has handled the digital presence of many Greek and multi-national brands and he has created some of the leading online media in the country.

  • Thalia Geladaki

    Thalia GeladakiDigital Strategist/ Founder – Swap not Shop

    Thalia Geladaki took her first steps in the Digital Communications field in 2007, in Saatchi Online, London. When she came back to Greece, she got busy with the online communications and worked as a Digital Account Manager in companies such as WebSys and Linakis, Care Direct.

  • Konstanstinos Fouskas

    Konstanstinos FouskasAccountant - Strategist

    Dr Konstanstinos Fouskas is currently teaching at the department of Technology Management in University of Macedonia, Greece at the position of Innovation for new products and services. Kostas holds a PhD in Strategic Management, and an MSc in Decision Sciences specialized in eBusiness.

  • Mina Zoulovits

    Mina ZoulovitsIT & E-Commerce Lawyer

    Mina is a dynamic and efficient attorney at law with high expertise in the field of commercial & corporate law as well as in IT and E-Commerce Law. Her clientele includes well established greek and multinational on line companies with local and global presence, as well as ambitious startups with innovative ideas.

  • Kostas Apostolidis

    Kostas ApostolidisHandbag Designer - MILLOO

    I grew up in Egaleo, where I still live and work in my studio. Sewing machines and fabrics have always been a part of my daily life, since our family business was manufacturing children’s clothes.

  • Tzeni Griva

    Tzeni GrivaFounder Κυκλοι – Χωρος Δημιουργικης Εκφρασης

    The architectural study for the construction of a Mall that never got to be built brought me in touch with the world of crafters. I soon abandoned my pencils and took up my needles. My love for crafting -in a world where women have to redefine their role due to the socio-economic events- led me into creating the “Kykloi Workshop”.

  • Marianna Kontoe

    Marianna KontoeArtist/ Trainer/ Exclusive reseller - Powertex

    My name is Marianna Kontoe and I was born in Ilion, Attica. While living in the Netherlands and due to my German husband’s profession, I got in touch with many different cultures and art forms.

  • Valia Binikou

    Valia BinikouCrafts Guru

    One of the founders of ftiaxto.gr, creative by nature and a gifted crafter, she has signed many handmade creations herself. She claims being an artist but she is also excited by the role of creativity in entrepreneurship.

  • Elina Antonopoulou

    Elina AntonopoulouCrafts Mama

    As a little girl, Elina used to draw and play with some modelling clay, just like every other kid, until someone told her she was not that good at it. She believed she wasn’t and decided to study Literature. Then, one day she took up knitting and discovered that creativity can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places!

  • Mary Retsina

    Mary RetsinaPresenter / Voiceover guru

    Mary’s nickname among her friends is “wine for everyone”, due to her last name which sounds just like the name of a popular Greek wine. She is a deeply compulsive person with occasional drama-queen aspects. She is obsessed with the Beatles, Paul Mc Cartney in particular, whom she calls Baby Turtle, Star Wars, book covers, colourful marker pens, summer holidays, mayo and Jason Sudeikis.

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